Sky Control

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Get information about what is happening in the airspace.

Pilot and aviation entrepreneur support system. Increase safety, efficiency, and profitability.


Would you like to know how your student or employed pilot is flying? Now it’s possible with Sky Control. Real-time flight parameter information: Ground speed, artificial horizon, altitude, heading, climb or descent. Information about the completed route: presented graphically. Possibility: creating a database of students or other users.


Android and iOS collision avoidance application Skybro SkyControl and Digital Sky


Sky Control is priced at 999 PLN net in an annual subscription or 3999 PLN net with a SAMSUNG

Galaxy Tab S9 FE 10.9.

Display: 10.9″, 2304 x 1440px, TFT Built-in memory [GB]: 128 RAM size [GB]: 6 Processor: Samsung
Exynos 1380, 8-core Operating system version: Android 13L Communication: Wi-Fi 802.11

a/b/g/n/ac/ax, Bluetooth 5.3, GPS module Ports: USB port


Project Name: Pilot and Aviation Entrepreneur Support System Increasing Safety, Efficiency, and Profitability of Air Navigation and Student Pilot Training Process During Practical Aviation Training Project Objectives: The project aims to create a hardware and software solution that, through communication using GSM/UMTS/LTE networks, increases the safety and efficiency of air navigation for GA aircraft and enhances the safety, efficiency, and quality of student pilot training during solo flights in practical aviation training. 

Planned Effects: Development and implementation of a pilot assistance system in detecting and maintaining separation from other airspace users, assisting instructors supervising student pilot solo flights, and supporting companies using aircraft in their services during GA operations, mainly in VFR flights. The result of the project implementation will be a hardware-software solution installed on aircraft as an assistance device during flight and an online multimedia platform available to instructors and aviation related companies for monitoring and controlling air operations progress and aircraft status.

Project Value: 1,348,578.96 PLN
EU Funds Contribution: 999,940.00 PLN