We accompany you and help you make optimal decisions during every phase of the air operation


We provide well-designed and high-value information about the airspace and aircraft in use


We enhance safety and comfort by taking care of the proper operation of your aircraft


We rescue you in case of emergencies

SKYBRO Digital Sky

SkyBro Digital Sky

SkyBro is a non-certified e-Conspicuity solution. We collect and share information from the voluntary and unaffiliated community of pilots, aviation enthusiasts, and from ground station ICT systems. The voluntariness of providing information does not guarantee accuracy and completeness, so there may be users not visible in the presented airspace structure, and its use different from that presented. Due to local conditions of data transmission, there is also no guarantee of continuity of transmitted information. SkyBro is not responsible for incidents occurring in the course of air operations. It is the airspace user’s responsibility to maintain separation from other airspace users and to comply with the situations outlined in the AUP/UUP.

This solution cannot be used for operational purposes and for flight under IMC conditions.

What does the solution show and offer:

Movement of all users in the airspace – aircraft, helicopters, gliders, paragliders, hang gliders, motorgliders, balloons and drones

Warnings about the possibility of a collision with an indication of distance, height and collision course

Ability to present up-to-date information about the parameters of the flight as it is being performed – for your instructor

Presence of unidentified users in the airspace 

Formation of dangerous atmospheric phenomena – rotors, thunderstorms, fog, precipitation, icing

Reserved zones for performing air operations – paragliding flights behind the lift, parachute jumping, competitions

Aircraft traffic around the airport and the current runway in use

Currently used launch sites and directions depending on the current wind direction

Activities and routes provided by your friends

Information on air operations provided

Possibility to call for help – SAR

Ability to summon your friend to the site of your landing


SkyBro Aircraft Manager

SkyBro Aircraft Manager is an electronic aircraft mechanic that accompanies normal and emergency procedures and supports diagnostics and failure prediction.
Thanks to the connection with the aircraft’s electronic avionics (Dynon and Garmin), we detect the status of the execution of an air operation and help it run properly by supervising the execution of normal procedures.
In the event of an emergency, the solution helps to quickly implement emergency procedures and not cause a stall. Depending on the situation, the solution indicates what the pilot should do, in order to get out of an emergency situation or land safely.
By automatically downloading engine (Rotax) and flight parameter data, the solution creates an aircraft logbook. This allows the solution to conduct its diagnostics in real time, drawing the pilot’s attention to the possibility of failure. At the same time, the solution creates a history of its use and shows all exceedances of normal parameters, e.g.: exceeding engine speed, temperatures, pressures or overloads on landing.

Presenting the current use of airspace by various users

Collision protection in the air and at the airport

Presenting up-to-date information on traffic at airports and launch sites

Making hazardous weather conditions visible rotors, storms, fog, precipitation, icing

Presenting the current conditions for long thermal flights – long gliding

Building community with friends, sharing information and flying together

Assistance during emergencies

Ability to perform diagnostics on the aircraft

Keeping a detailed Logbook of the aircraft and confirming its high value